All vehicle mechanics need a good diagnostic battery load tester or vehicle electrical power analyzer for their job, so as to ensure proper charging and maintenance of battery and alternator, and, to select the correct battery rating and alternator size for vehicles. VEPAC-III-S has the correct system and method of determining the state of charge of car battery and other vital data of vehicle electrical power performance. It is also an ideal battery analyzer for rebuilding, maintaining and reconditioning of lead acid battery. A very good sealed gel battery load tester, battery amperage tester, battery life tester and alternator tester. It is a complete automotive electrical system tester. It has its unique dynamic battery reserve capacity definition to determine actual battery cranking performance with battery cranking power index (CPI).

VEPAC-III-S Vehicle Electrical Power Analyzer

For system features and functions, please see VEPAC-III Vehicle Electrical Power System Analyzer Summary