Does a bad car battery drain your alternator? The answer is yes, by using VEPAC (Vehicle Electrical Power Analyzing Computer) Battery Analyzer, battery or alternator test is easy. Automotive or vehicle electrical related problems, such as flat or faulty battery, faulty starter motor, faulty alternator, loose fan belt or power cable can be detected early. Faulty electrical elements can be identified earlier and get to replace or repair in advance to avoid breakdown.

Due to lead acid battery aging, used battery internal resistance test, Reserve Cranking Capacity (RCC) test and battery cranking ability (Cranking Power Index, CPI) test are necessary. VEPAC-III series of analyzers are versatile digital tools for 12 / 24 volts battery and vehicle electrical system testing, they can detect electrical problems early and preventive action can be taken in advance.

The VEPAC premium products that cater for the needs of automotive industry are as follows:

1) VEPAC-III-T / VEPAC-III-S Vehicle Electrical Power Analyzer:

A 12 or/and 24 volts electrical power analyzer that measure and diagnose vehicle electrical component vital data and faults. The measurement specifications are as follows:

Measurement Specifications  规格
Functions/Measurements Code VEPAC-III-S VEPAC-III-T
Control Keys控键 2 3
Operating Voltage 操作电压 12V 12V & 24V auto
Battery Terminal voltage 电压仪 V * 6 ~ 20 volts 6 ~ 40 volts
State of Charge储电量状态 SOC * 0 ~ 100% 0 ~ 100%
Internal Impedance电池内阻 Imp NA 1 ~ 100 m-Ohm
Reserve Cranking Capacity储备起动容量 RCC * 0 ~ 100% 0 ~ 100%
Cold Cranking Capacity 起动电流容量 (CCA) SAE * 100~1200Amp 100~2000Amp
EN * 90~1000Amp 90~1800Amp
Cranking Power Index起动功率指数 CPI * 0 ~ 500% 0 ~ 500%
Starter Cranking Current, Peak (Max)
起动机起动瞬间电流 Active (Average)
Ip 100~1200Amp 100~2000Amp
Ia 100~1200Amp 100~2000Amp
Ripple Voltage (in real time) 涟波电压 Vr NA 2 ~ 200 mV
Alternator Charging voltage充电电压 V 6 ~ 20 volts 6 ~ 40 volts
Alternator Charging Status充电状态 * Real Time comments Real Time comments
Test Result Summary测试的整体结果   Yes Yes
Test Result Storage数据储存   No Yes
* provides system comments or actions for user notice if necessary.


12/24 Volts Wet Cell BatteryVehicle Electrical Power Analyzer

VEPAC-III-T and VEPAC-III-S Vehicle Electrical Power Analyzer are the most advanced, accurate, reliable and comprehensive handheld vehicle electrical system analyzers available today.

2) VEPAC-II Vehicle Electrical Power Sensor:

VEPAC-II is an in-car unit Vehicle Electrical Power Sensor (VEPS). It detects and warns driver about vehicle electrical faults in advance. It uses LED display to inform drivers about the conditions of the vehicle electrical power status. If necessary, it warns drivers to take action to replace battery or alternator so as to avoid inconvenience and losses due to vehicle electrical power failure.


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