Replacing a car battery? Do you know when to do it? You need a vehicle electrical power sensor for automotive electrical troubleshooting. You can now install a in-car 12 volts battery load tester, automotive electrical system tester, electrical supply connector tester, automotive battery and alternator tester, and power circuit quality analyzer, an all-in-one device to monitor your car electrical systems performance or problems.

About 70% of vehicle breakdowns are due to electrical power system component failures, such as battery, alternator, regulator, starter, alternator driving belt or power circuit failures.

VEPAC-II vehicle electrical power sensor can help you avoid 70% of the vehicle breakdown problems. It is an in-vehicle battery/alternator monitoring system. It is the best in-car battery checker that provides instant battery reviews whenever you are driving, an excellent automotive electrical troubleshooting device. It will warn drivers for problems in automotive electrical supply related components, mainly battery and alternator problems, including automotive electrical connectors and cranking problems. It helps driver to take preventive action in advance to avoid electrical power failure. It is a vehicle electrical power monitoring device that all drivers should install in order to have a peace-of-mind to enjoy the journey.

VEPAC-II Vehicle Electrical Power Sensor

For system features and functions, please see VEPAC-II Vehicle Electrical Power Sensor Summary.